Options For Treating Thinning Hair

Dealing with hair loss can be simple if you have the right tools. Here are some effective tactics for correcting hair loss. 

Growth Serums and Medicine

In some cases, medication can be effective at combating hair loss. Minoxidil is one popular medication for stimulating hair growth. Corticosteroids injected into the scalp can also provide hair follicle stimulation. Medication doesn't work for everyone, and many men choose other hair replacement options to avoid the side effects of these medications. 

Shave it Off

Sometimes, men will lean into their thinning hair problem by simply getting a shorter hair style, such as a buzz cut. This is a simple and quick fix to eliminate the appearance of thin hair. However, using a short hairstyle as a solution to thinning hair can require a lot of maintenance. As soon as the hair starts to grow back, the thinning can become evident quickly.


A wig made of natural hair can be a great long term solution for hair loss. You may be able to get a new hairstyle that you hadn't been able to achieve with your natural hair, but other people choose a custom wig that mimics their natural hair style. 

Some people are concerned about using a wig, since it may appear very evident that they have changed their hair. In some cases, this can seem unnatural. There are certain alternatives to a full wig, such as a partial wig or hair prosthesis. 

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

A hair replacement treatment is a great solution for hair loss. With modern hair replacement systems, the added hair can mimic the look and feel of the person's natural hair, making a great option for those who want to avoid wigs and other big changes to their appearance. 

For men's nonsurgical hair replacement, the process is fairly straightforward. The technician will assess your hair condition and figure out where hair needs to be added in order to give you a full body of hair, depending on the volume that you prefer. Then, the technician takes a strand by strand approach to incorporate the hair into your own. Typical incorporation methods include adhesives, braiding, taping, and sewing. 

As you can see, there is a wide range of ways to deal with hair loss. A supplement might be all that's needed for mild hair thinning, whereas hair replacement is a long-lasting solution in more moderate to severe cases. Contact local professionals, such as those from L J Hair Systems, for further assistance.