How To Develop The Perfect Daily Skin Care Regimen

Having to deal with acne outbreaks, especially as an adult, can lead to a loss of self-esteem and overall confidence. But with just a few minutes dedicated to skin care each morning and evening, you can stop pesky breakouts and start to look like your best self. Read on below for some tips on developing the perfect daily skin-care regimen.  


Every morning, the first thing you should do when taking care of your skin is cleanse it. If your skin is dry or dehydrated, this can mean simply using a microfiber cloth to gently apply water to your face. On the other hand, if your skin tends to be oily throughout the day, you might want to consider an oil cleanse. While cleansing oily skin with more oil might seem strange, it's actually one of the most popular ways to get rid of unnecessary dermatological oils. Simply mix one part hazelnut oil with two parts olive (or sunflower) oil and apply the mixture gently for about two minutes. Wait five to ten minutes to apply a hot washcloth to your skin, before finally removing it when cool. 


After a basic cleanse, you should begin exfoliating in order to remove any dead skin that has accumulated. Several skin care companies manufacture products meant to help chemically exfoliate skin. When shopping around for an exfoliate that's right for you, keep in mind that severe acne often responds well to products containing gentler chemicals such as lactic acid, while oily skin is best exfoliated with stronger substances such as salicylic or glycolic acid. 


Most people, especially those with oily skin, shy away from moisturizing their skin--they're afraid that it will only make their skin more oily and lead to further breakouts. On the contrary, applying a moisturizer is a vital part of your daily skin care regimen. Gel moisturizers work particularly well with oily skin to help prevent a shiny appearance, and many lotions also work as sunscreen. That said if your skin care routine includes the application of particularly strong chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide, applying additional sunscreen after moisturizing is absolutely necessary to prevent sun damage.

Once you're finished cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, you're all set to start your day. Repeat the process in the same order each evening for best results. Women should also remember to gently remove makeup before starting to cleanse their skin in the evening.