How The Classic Buzz Cut Is Good For Your Scalp

In the world of haircuts, there are so many different ways to cut hair. Most people prefer to stick with the same haircut they have had most of their lives. Other people may choose a different haircut from time to time, and a small percentage of people get a different haircut every time they go to a barber or a hair stylist.

One classic haircut is the "buzz" cut or "army" cut. It removes almost all of the hair on a person's head, leaving just a fuzzy stubble. The cut is not for everyone and not to everyone's liking. However, what you may not know is that the classic buzz cut is actually good for your scalp. Here is how.

Shorn Locks Encourage New Growth

When your hair is cut this short, and the temperatures are cooler outside, your body reacts by pushing up more hair. The hair on your head retains your body heat, and without it, your body reacts. Shorn locks to this level of shortness encourage new growth, which is beneficial to both people who are going a little bald and to people who want to grow out a bad perm, damaged hair, or an unpleasant dye job.

Less Hair, Less Grease

Your scalp attempts to keep hair healthy by producing oil at the root. This oil glides down the shafts of the hairs on your head to moisturize and protect the hair. By buzz-cutting your hair, your oil glands in your scalp do not need to produce quite so much oil. Less oil means less greasiness on a daily basis. The oil glands recognize that you do not need that much natural oil for short hair, so they back off production. As your hair grows back, it may take a little bit longer for oil production to start up again.

The Buzz Cut Helps Decrease Dandruff Too

Imagine less dandruff. You have tried so many shampoos and scalp products, but the results are the same. Big flaky stuff all over your head. When the barber or stylist is buzzing your scalp with the electric shears, all of the current dandruff falls away. Additional dandruff does not stay put because it does not have long enough hair shafts to cling to. That means your scalp and what little hair you have will look cleaner and have less dandruff falling off of it. Maybe once in a while, you could give the buzz cut a try.

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