Tips For Preparing For Your First Facial Treatment At A Spa

Getting a facial treatment at a spa is an excellent way to pamper your skin, leaving it glowing. A facial can also help address any skin concerns that you may have, such as acne, blackheads, sun damage, or age spots. If you have never had a facial treatment at a spa before, there is no reason to be intimidated-- the whole process is designed to be enjoyable for each client. Booking an appointment for a facial treatment at a spa is a great investment, and after you get your first facial, you're sure to return for additional facials in the future. Use the following tips to prepare for your first facial treatment at a spa.

Consider the Date of Your Appointment

Many people choose to get a facial treatment done before a special event, such as a wedding, party, or vacation. Thus, it is important to schedule your facial treatment accordingly. Depending on the type of facial treatment that you opt for, it is usually good to book your appointment well in advance of your special event or occasion. Some facial treatments can cause some redness or skin sensitivity, so you will want to leave time between your facial treatment and the event so your skin will look its best. If you must book a facial treatment in the days before an event, let your aesthetician know so he or she can do a hydrating facial treatment that won't cause any redness.

Bring a List of the Skincare Products that You Use

Before your facial treatment begins, you will have a consultation with your aesthetician to discuss any skin concerns you may have and what you hope to achieve with your facial treatment. Your aesthetician will then analyze your skin to determine what facial treatment will be most effective. During the consultation, your aesthetician will most likely ask you what skincare products you currently use, so it can be helpful to have a list. Knowing what skincare products you currently use will help an aesthetician determine which products to use during the facial treatment. If you currently don't have a skin care routine, and aesthetician can make recommendations for products that work well.

Avoid At-Home Facial Treatments

In the days leading up to your facial treatment appointment, it is best to stop using any at-home facial treatments that you may have. You may even want to skip exfoliating for a couple of days. This ensures that your skin is in its natural state and the products that are used during your facial treatment at the spa will not interact with any of the products that you may have at home. 

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