Disguise Gray Hair With The Right Color Job At A Salon

Having a lot of gray your hair can be frustrating when you're still young or simply want to maintain an all-over color. Instead of feeling uncomfortable due to a lot of gray strands in your hair, it's a good idea to look into what kinds of improvements you can make to your hair so that any grays are not as visible.

Instead of trying to handle covering grays on your own, consider the following services that a salon can help you with so that you're happy with your hair color.

Add Dimensional Highlights

One of the most effective ways to get gray hairs covered up is to have highlights put in. Dimensional highlights can start an inch or so past your roots to avoid needing touchups as often.

Having highlights added can cover up any gray strands of hair due to adding a lightning effect throughout your entire head. This can help your gray hair blend in while giving your hair a sun-kissed appearance.

Lighten Your Hair

When you're frustrated with how many gray hairs you've started to have, it's a good idea to look into lightening your hair over the entire head. Choosing a lighter color for your entire head can help you disguise grays without the look that highlights can give you. Lightning your entire head of hair can allow you to stick with one solid color overall and make it easier to keep gray hairs less visible.

Lightening your hair to a light blonde isn't always necessary to hide grays, making other color choices a good fit such as a light brown or copper red.

Try a Balayage Style

Another option for hiding gray hairs is to have a balayage technique done to your hair. While this is a service that you'll definitely need to rely on a professional for, it can help add a more dimensional look to your hair and allow you to enjoy a more natural appearance than highlights would add. Being able to have darker roots that transition to lighter as your hair gets longer can give your hair a unique appearance and allow you to enjoy having your grays hidden.

Taking your time with choosing the right color for your hair can be overwhelming due to all the options that are available. When you're frustrated with how many gray hairs you may have, adding highlights or lightening your head overall can be great options for keeping the strands hidden. For further guidance, speak to a stylist at a hair salon near you.