3 Ways To Embrace Your Natural Curls And Look Good While Doing It

It used to be that people with curly hair were judged and they would do anything to relax or straighten their curls. However, if you have curly hair, it not only sets you apart from others but it also makes you beautiful. The tricky thing about curly hair, though, is it can be hard to tame. If you experience more frizz than anything, then this article is just the thing for you. 

Try a Hair Curling Cream

Curls need to be hydrated and moisturized, and nothing is better at doing that than something like a shea butter coconut hair curling cream. The combination of shea butter and coconut oil will help to hydrate every strand of your hair and will leave your curls looking bouncy and fresh. Every time you apply a small amount of this cream, it will also help to tame any frizz that you have, which will leave you with silky curls rather than ones that stick out from your head. 

Don't Brush It

Brushing your curls is only going to separate them and cause them to become more staticky. As soon as you get out of the shower, try scrunching your hair by pushing it up with your fingers; you can do this while also applying the hair curling cream. Then you can either let your hair air dry or you can use something like a hair diffuser. If you do start to get big knots in your hair, then you can obviously brush it to get them out, but try not to brush your hair every day. In fact, the less you touch your curls, the better. 

Get Layers Cut Into It

If you have long, curly hair with no layers, then it may look like you have a triangle haircut. How? It may look flat on the top and really full at the bottom. Go to see a hairstylist who has experience cutting curly hair and have them give you some layers. The more layers you have, the more dimension and texture your hair will have overall. 

Having curly hair doesn't have to feel like a curse. Rather than applying too much heat and spending hours straightening it, embrace your natural curl by using these easy tips. To learn more about curly hair or how to style it, reach out to a hairstylist near you, and ask them if they have any other ideas for your hair.