5 Indicators Your Natural Hair Is Badly Damaged

Excessive heat, environmental factors, and harsh brushing can damage your natural hair. However, even if your natural hair may seem strong, toxic products can cause harm. Therefore, if you have curly hair, you might experience intense hair damage when straightening it. Thankfully, you can try alternative hair straightening treatments to remedy the issue. Here are five indicators your natural hair is severely damaged.

1. Split ends

Dryness and harsh hair treatments cause split ends. Typically, split ends occur when your hair shaft divides into two or three fragments. The ends might look overly weak compared to other parts of your hair. You can get an expert to trim the split sections and moisturize your hair to repair the damage. You can also restore the health of your hair by using the right alternative hair straightening treatment.

2. Breakage

If your hair is badly damaged, you might notice massive breakage. Your hairbrush or comb might harbor tons of hair, indicating a lurking problem. Bear in mind that natural hair sheds. However, if the shedding is significant, you might be dealing with hair loss. You can ask a friend or family to check if some parts of your hair are evidently shorter than others. That way, you can condition your hair and use formaldehyde-free keratin treatment to minimize breakage.

3. Difficulty detangling

Healthy hair is easy to detangle due to moisture retention. But, if it takes a long time to remove the knots and tangles, your hair could be damaged. The cause of this issue can either be split ends or unhealthy hair cuticles. Also, dry strands might snag on each other and make detangling a daunting task. You can consider alternative hair straightening treatment to fix the issue.

4. Hard and brittle texture

Some people have supple and soft natural hair. However, if your hair is suffering, it can present a hard and brittle texture. At this point, the damage has reached your hair shaft, resulting in dryness. You can run your fingers through your hair to confirm the texture. Always keep in mind that brittle hair is susceptible to snapping. Thus, it would help if you embarked on a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment that complements your natural hair.

5. Elasticity loss

When wet, healthy hair is elastic by default, the problem comes in when a strand loses elasticity or doesn't spring back to curls. Therefore, if your hair stretches effortlessly, it could be damaged. Elasticity is helpful when styling your natural hair. Otherwise, you can have a difficult time attaining the look you need. If this is the case, consider alternative hair straightening treatment.

Subsequently, hair damage can manifest in the above ways. The ultimate solution is to try an alternative hair straightening treatment that works for you. Reach out to a salon like Magic Sleek for more information.