Haircuts For Men: How To Get Your Style To Last

Haircuts for men have to happen more often than haircuts for women because men have shorter hair and often need to do more to maintain their look. There are neck shaves and trims that need to occur to keep a style looking fresh and clean, and other things to do besides.

To get your style to last, follow these tips. Always get your cuts for men done professionally so you have the best results and can keep the same hairstyle for as long as you want it. When you want to mix it up, bring in photos or show pictures on your phone to your barber so they can give you the most modern haircuts for men you like.

Wash your hair with shampoo, then conditioner

While using a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner can be easy and save time, it might not give your haircut the best nutrition and shine. To get the most of haircuts for men and keep your hair sleek and free of breakage between cuts, use a shampoo and then use a conditioner. Choose a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. Opt for hair cleansing agents that have argon or avocado oils in them to help keep your hair shiny and healthy between your cuts.

Use alcohol-free styling agents

You likely use hair gel and sprays to keep your haircut in place and to keep your part even in your men's haircut. Lots of hair products are intended to hold all day but can have drying alcohol and other agents in them. Choose hair styling agents that are free of alcohol so you can style your hair without drying it out. Dry and brittle hair can break off more frequently, which can lead to uneven haircuts for men and cause you to have to get in the barber's chair again much sooner than you'd like.

Continue with the hair trimming

Your barber has to trim your sideburns, neckline, around your ears, and other areas of your hair to keep your haircut looking great. Unless you're trying to grow your hair out, trims are the best way to keep your hair looking amazing. If you follow the aforementioned advice as well, you'll notice you don't have to get your hair trimmed as often.

Your barber knows what's best for your hair as far as care, so follow their advice. When it comes to helping whatever haircuts for men you get last, how you care for your hair and what you use matter.

For more information on haircuts for men, speak with a barber.