If You're Not Using Beard Oil, Why Not?

If you've got a beard and aren't using beard oil, it's time you changed that. But aren't beard oils one of those grooming products that aren't strictly necessary? Maybe they're even a little pretentious or something that only a hipster would use? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Sure, using beard oil is strictly optional, but it's an incredibly simple and inexpensive way to keep your beard healthy—both in its appearance and how it feels on your face. 

The Purpose of Oil

Beard oils serve a dual purpose. They condition your beard while also moisturizing the skin underneath your beard. The hair feels softer and more comfortable on your face. The oil can also help a beard to look fuller, tidier (by smoothing away rogue, out-of-place hairs), and even shinier. You might be thinking that you don't particularly want your beard to look fuller or shinier. These are just examples. Just like how different types of hair conditioners have different purposes (to give hair more volume, more shine, and so on), different beard oils have different purposes too. It's really a matter of choosing the best oil for your needs and taking it from there. 

Choosing an Oil

If you're not someone who's into skincare, incorporating the use of a beard oil into your routine might feel a little strange. For starters, you may not like the idea of rubbing a variety of different chemicals into your beard. While many beard oils are quite synthetic in their composition, there are a wide variety of organic beard oils on the market. These are free of additives and contain only natural ingredients. It's a case of doing your research—and this research just involves taking a close look at the list of ingredients. 

Using Beard Oil

Your beard oil doesn't have to be part of your daily routine either. You might find it perfectly sufficient to oil your beard every other day or even less often. The best schedule depends on the size (and subsequent bushiness) of your beard, as well as the average climate where you live. A larger beard in a dry area is likely to need more moisturizing than a shorter beard in a rainier or more humid part of the country. You can expect some trial and error when starting to use oil too. Remember it's easier to add more oil than it is to wash out excess oil. As such, don't go overboard, and only increase the amount of oil you're rubbing into your beard by a drop or two at a time. You'll soon find the magic number of drops to give your beard the right level of moisturization.

So if you're not using beard oil, it's time to give it a try. Your beard will definitely thank you.

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